27 January 2009

How Do We Measure Time?

Picture by Bobesh

How do we measure time?

By the revolution
Of a rock shooting
Through a black eternity
Pulled by a burning ball of gas.
And one more candle on a cake.

By the ebb and flow
Of white water on a beach
Hauling the oceans
Dragged by an ever changing moon.
And a new picture on the calendar.

By the mass migration from home
To work and school, and back again
Until the sound of football crowds and
Church bells place a full stop.
And another roast lunch on the table.

By a long shadow moving
Round the house and garden
Sun-blinding the windows
From dark to bright to dark.
And the shipping forecast to "Sailing By".

By the lazy sweep of a large hand
Edging too slow to notice
Round a giant Roman face
Until the chimes ring out.
And the radio updates the news.

And finally
By the swing of a pendulum
The click of a tiny cog driven by a tiny spring
A hangman's drop

A lover's final breath

2 January 2009

Oxford, December 1980

Picture by Rose Davies

Oxford, December 1980

They say everyone knows

Where they were

When they heard JFK had been shot.

I don't remember

Where I was on 22 November


Because I was only 6 months old.

But I know where I was

When Elvis Presley died

On 16 August 1977.

At my Auntie Clarice's

in Lydney.

And on 8 December 1980

In Oxford

Waiting to be interviewed

When John Lennon
Was assassinated.