17 October 2009

The Passenger

The Passenger

Driving at night
down a country lane
no moon, no stars, clouds
mile after mile after mile
only my thoughts
and the radio for company.

Suddenly I feel your presence
          Next to me,
As real as the rain
the road, the wind.
I turn to see your smile,
the light in your eyes
And am alone again
With thoughts of you.


  1. Lovely! I like a bit of romance! :-)

  2. Wish you can hear the Ooh and Ahhh of how your poem is spellbinding! It’s yet another beautiful shinning star in your vast and varied studded poetic galaxy :-)

    “A journey to start.
    A knight poet’s love thoughts
    the lonely hearts.
    Forests, Roads, Skies, or Angry Seas.
    The wild journey reveals.
    The abyss of darkness is a myth to miss.
    The lost sleeping hearts awaken to bliss.
    A yearning voice calls:
    Listen. Listen. Listen.
    A true love song sung.
    A knock at the door soothes to rupture.
    Souls released to wonder.
    The touch of hands,
    Lovers aching wounds heal and cling.
    I’m here. I’m here. I’m here.
    She smiles. She laughs. She cries.
    He tightly holds her with roars.
    His heart declares:
    Be lonely no more.
    They walk the journey to tend their home true.
    Two doves fly in plain view.
    And a knight poet’s journey takes two hearts to start a new.”

  3. I was visiting to read. I noticed you changed this poem. The old version was great and this one too. I can understand the innate drive to strive for perfection. :-)
    In comparing the two versions, the changes you made did not cause the poem to lose neither its tone nor atmosphere which is of course a good thing. Let’s say I think they gave it more fluency. I could picture this as a lovely story and the beginning of a novel. Well done!