8 November 2009



I am the same person now as I was at 18

In name only.

Every single cell has died and been renewed.

Each hair, once black now grey,

Has grown, been cut, and grown again.

Nails too.  Bitten. Cut. Blackened. Regenerated.

Emotionally weathered by time.

More confident, but less certain.

Outlooks broadened. Waistline too.

Taller. Older. More experienced. 

But wiser?

Only the name remains the same.

And the eyes.

The eyes never change.

A thread through time.

Linking two different people

Who share my name.

1 comment:

  1. All in all a true meta-witty poem with a lively take on aging that gives a ‘divine manifestation’ of real life! I say: sexy!...even with your sneaking in of some Budweiser at the end of the second stanza;-)
    The third stanza takes the breath away: deep, contemplative, and paradoxical all in one!
    Congratulations. I absolutely LOVE it!

    So, Frustrated Poet, do you mean to tell your fans then that you neither have long hair nor wear leather jackets like Rock band stars or...?!